Republican “Gatekeeper” Charlie Kirk Busted Advocating for “50 Million Immigrants” Including Swing States in Resurfaced Audio


Many people are familiar with Turning Point USA, which Charlie Kirk founded. The term Gatekeeper as used in the title is because Charlie Kirk tends to try and control the narrative of what is and isn’t allowed to be discussed within the Conservative mainstream. Kirk, and ally Ben Shapiro, owner of The Daily Wire, self-professed free speech advocates, oftentimes end up being exactly the opposite when it comes to internal dissent.

In two audio clips that started to make the rounds on Twitter today, Charlie Kirk can be heard talking about bringing fifty million immigrants to the United States in the next 10 years. Estimates on the current total population of the United States shows we are set to reach 331 million by the end of the year. That would be an almost 7% growth in the population of immigrants from different cultures. In the audio, he calls on his audience to take a non-stop flight from New York to San Francisco, to see how much space this country has for immigrants in his view. the audio can be heard in the tweet later in the article.

In the second tweet in the thread below, Kirk jumps to talking about Trump and the southern border wall he campaigned on in 2016. He tells his audience to remember that the big wall comes with a big door, which he believes Trump should talk more about. However, Charlie speculates that the president doesn’t talk about the door only because the Democrats want a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants currently in the United States. Kirk segued into advocating for anyone who graduates from an American College a permanent green card.

Kirk had walked back comments about “stapling green cards to diplomas” at the end of last year, after receiving push back from many hardline conservatives including Michelle Malkin and Tucker Carlson.

Malkin retweeted a video from Kirk’s “Culture War” college campus tour where a student asked Kirk how it is ‘America First’ to import STEM workers from other countries which drive down American STEM worker’s pay. This can be seen in the tweeted video below:

Last November, right before Kirk walked back his comments, Carlson had a segment about Uber firing 1000 Americans since July of 2019, while the American government approved hundreds of H-1B visas for the company allowing them to replace Americans with foreign workers. He goes on about the H-1B visa and hits on Kirk’s comments about stapling green cards to diplomas citing that only half of STEM majors can find STEM jobs, although Tucker did not mention him by name . See the full segment below:

Recently FAIR put out a tweet about Uber and its foreign labor stating “DID YOU KNOW that @Uber uses foreign labor instead of hiring American workers? Let’s tell them it’s time to #ReinvestinUS

After all the push back on the topic of immigration from hardline conservatives it was reported by Big Leauge Politics that Kirk walked back stapling green cards to diplomas. Many conservatives would likely argue that Kirk’s proposal of 50 million immigrants in ten years would be the last thing we need right now, especially in the environment we are in due to the Coronavirus epidemic, where the nation needs to embrace its unity, borders, and culture, now more than ever.

With all this being brought to light perhaps it will reach the eyes of Turning Point USA’s leader, Mr. Kirk himself. If that is the case, the question is, will he double down and own his words, ignore them and hope they go away, or rescind his comments as not conservative at all to regain some manner of credibility with hardline Republicans who see things differently.

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