ID Republican Party Chairwoman Cancels Account at Wells Fargo Over Support for Pride Festival With Child Activities in Boise, Idaho

Idaho Republican Party Chairwoman Dorothy Moon recently made waves, shockingly upsetting the incumbent Chairman recently. Moon is an America First election integrity stalwart.

Shortly after being elected, she almost immediately started using her bully pulpit to expose and shame radical leftists and their policies trying to make their way into the mostly Republican state of Idaho.

Boise’s Mayor, Lauren McLean, has been in Moon’s crosshairs, previously for her “abortion sanctuary city” idea (see directly below) and now for a kid’s drag show at Boise’s ”Pride” festival.

Moon went after sponsors of the pride parade, seeking to undermine McLean and her and other radical’s support for the parade, particularly kid’s activities. She put her money where her mouth is as you can see:

“I just closed out my account at Wells Fargo. A real inconvenience, especially in a recession. But Americans have long practiced forms of peaceful civil disobedience. And we should not patronize businesses or institutions that are committed to undermining our values or that target the innocence of children”

Moon and others have been vocal and the kid’s drag show was postponed and many corporate sponsors dropped out:

It seems the active has been replacing the passive in some positions of authority within the Idaho GOP.