Republicans Back in Charge in Virginia as Glenn Youngkin Officially Inaugurated as Governor Marking Total Democrat Failure

Ralph Northam embarrassed the Commonwealth of Virginia. He was busted having a picture of a KKK and Blackface outfit in his college yearbook.

He allowed and encouraged the destruction of historical monuments. He refused to resign when both parties asked him to.

He locked down Virginia in an overwhelming manner when Covid-19 took hold rather than taking a still safe but more balanced approach. And he handed off the entire Governor’s mansion to a Republican.

Glenn Youngkin was inaugurated today after Virginia rejected former Governor Terry McAuliffe’s attempt to take back over.

Time will tell what type of state Virginia will be with Republicans back in charge of the top 3 seats and taking back over the state house. Watch:

Youngkin did distance himself from 45th President Trump when running for office. Many think it was tactical as Virginia is a moderate state.

Others are concerned he doesn’t fully support Trump’s America first agenda. The proof will be in the pudding.

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