‘RINO’ Lindsey Graham Criticizes Trump’s Jan. 6 Prisoner Support, Gushes About Possible Biden SCOTUS Candidate

In an incredible display, U.S. Sen Lindsey Graham (R-SC) not only criticized Donald Trump’s Jan. 6 prisoner support but gushed about a possible Joe Biden Supreme Court candidate.

Graham appeared this morning on CBS’ “Face the Nation” and was asked about Donald Trump’s comments during the Texas rally last night in regards to the Jan. 6 prisoners.

The Columbia Bugle tweeted a clip of Graham’s comments and declared, “Disgraceful, @LindseyGrahamSC.”

“Lindsey Graham On President Trump Promising To Pardon January 6th Political Prisoners: ‘I think it’s inappropriate.'”

Graham then essentially lobbied for Biden to select Michelle Childs as the nominee to replace outgoing Justice Stephen Breyer.

“I can’t think of a better person for President Biden to consider for the Supreme Court than Michelle Childs,” Graham insisted.

Graham gushed, “She’s one of the most decent people I’ve ever met. It would be good for the court to have somebody who’s not at Harvard or Yale. She’s a graduate of the University of South Carolina… I cannot say anything bad about Michelle Childs. She’s an awesome person.”

In regards to Biden vowing to only select a black woman, Graham suggested, “Affirmative action is picking somebody not as well qualified for past wrongs. Michelle Childs is incredibly qualified. There’s no affirmative action component if you pick her.”

Graham has voted a whopping 63% with Biden thus far, the fifth-highest percentage among Republicans in Congress.

When Trump was in office, no Democratic senator topped 55% voting in line with his policies.