‘RINO’ Lindsey Graham Offers His Appreciation For Jill Biden’s Ukraine Visit and Calls Bono and The Edge Concert ‘Awesome’

U.S. Sen Lindsey Graham (R-SC) offered his appreciation for Jill Biden’s visit to Ukraine today and called a Bono and The Edge concert that took place in a Ukraine subway “awesome.”

“Great to see so much support for Ukraine on this Mother’s Day,” Graham began in a two-part tweet.

Graham then declared “Very much appreciate First Lady Dr. Jill Biden visiting Ukraine. A strong message at a crucial time.”

“Also awesome Bono and The Edge would perform in Kyiv in support of war effort,” Graham claimed.

Graham then added, “To our friends in #Ukraine: Stay strong and God bless.”

Detractors of the “RINO” senator and those who questioned the timing of the visits responded to Graham.

Arizona First Twitter user, “Captain Ruins: Columnated Store Boy: Ultra MAGA,” told Graham, “You neoconservative scumbag.”

Twitter user carolyn keefe replied, “Really. This is the 2022 wars now. A First Lady visit and music. How is this all possible and how is it helping the Ukrainians.”

One “resister” suggested, “Lindsey Graham’s account has been hacked. That is the only possible explanation for this sudden change in stance.”

The Associated Press reported that Jill Biden spent about two hours in Ukraine, traveling by vehicle to the town of Uzhhorod, about a 10-minute drive from a Slovakian border village where she had toured a border processing facility.

Jill Biden’s stop was part of a four-day visit to Eastern Europe to highlight U.S. support for Ukrainian refugees and for allied countries such as Romania and Slovakia that are providing a safe haven for them.

Bono and The Edge, who are part of U2, performed a surprise 40-minute acoustic set in a metro station in Ukraine’s capital, Kiev.