Ron DeSantis Ready to Clear ‘Logjam,’ Announces That Florida’s Ports Are Open and Ready to Help With the Supply Chain Crisis

In a press conference today, Florida GOP Gov. Ron DeSantis announced that he is ready to clear “logjam” as his state’s ports are open and ready to help with the supply chain crisis.

The press conference took place at the Port of Jacksonville, known as JAXPORT, which DeSantis said, along with other ports, would be stepping up and offering incentive packages.

In a clip that was shared by TPUSA’s Benny Johnson, DeSantis can be seen surrounded by workers at a podium with a sign that read “Florida’s ports are open.”

“As many of you know, we are facing major disruptions… in the United States… disruptions in the supply chain,” DeSantis began in the clip.

DeSantis continued, “You’ve seen the images of all these ships docked off the coasts of various cities in the United States where there’s a big logjam, that of course is impacting what we see on our store shelves, we see more empty shelves than we are used to seeing.”

“There are shortages of different things – of course we are also seeing increased costs in terms of inflation, year over year increase of food prices so far is the highest it’s been in 10 years, many commuters have been suffering under a 50% increase in gasoline,” DeSantis explained.

DeSantis then took a shot at a new edict from President Joe Biden who recently announced that Los Angeles’ port would be operating 24/7.

“I know they just announced in California maybe they’ll start operating 24/7, our states operate 24/7, that should be happening anyway,” DeSantis boasted.

DeSantis also reported that various companies were planning to now reroute their ships to JAXPORT because they are able to handle it.

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