McConnell Wants GOP to Dump Trump, Tells Reporters ‘We Need to be Talking About the Future, Not the Past’

Tuesday, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) told reporters, “Well, I do think we to be talking about the future and not the past. I think the American people are focusing on this administration, what it’s doing to the country.”

This was the first part of his response, after being asked by CNN Reporter Manu Raju, “concerned at all, comfortable, with your party embracing the former president whom you said was morally responsible for the January 6 attack?”

McConnell continued to take it even further with, “And it’s my hope that the 2022 election will be a referendum on the performance of the current administration, not a rehash of suggestions of what may have happened in 2020.”

We reported in January, on McConnell’s speech on the Senate floor, in which he laid blame for the events of January 6th on former President Trump. “The mob was fed lies. They were provoked by the president and other powerful people,” McConnell said.”

These comments led to the Senator being censured, by the Nelson County, KY Republican Party, this did not stop McConnell from doubling down.

The Democrats are still worried about the influence the former president has over the GOP. In Virginia’s Governor’s race. They are trying hard to motivate Democrats to vote, by trying to tie Glenn Younkin to former President Trump. The race in Virginia is close, many believe this will be a bellwether for the 2022 elections.

Many Republicans want Trump back. In a recent poll, 78% of Republicans want to see the former president run again, with only 16% wanting him to sit out in the 2024 presidential election.

The former president has been holding “Save America” rallies across the country. He has been endorsing candidates and pushing for election integrity. The latest was in Iowa, a reporter for Iowa’s News Now, David Amelotti, estimated the crowd size was around 20,000. He also shared a tweet of Trump supporters singing the national anthem as the gates opened.

“Thousands of Trump supporters stand in line. A select few gets a large crowd to start singing the national anthem. The gates have just opened.”

McConnell and Trump have not had nice words for each other since Trump left office. McConnell doesn’t want to see Trump back in the oval office, and Trump would like to see McConnell out of the Senate. The indicators for the GOP however seem to be that the people want Trump.

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