Ron DeSantis Slams Biden Student Debt Cancelation Plan: Unfair For Truck Driver to Pay ‘Gender Studies’ Loan

Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis today slammed Joe Biden’s student debt cancelation plan while speaking at a press conference.

In a clip from Breaking911, DeSantis said, “It’s very unfair to have a truck driver have to pay back a loan from somebody that got like a PhD in Gender Studies.”

“That’s not fair. That’s not right,” DeSantis insisted as the audience broke out into applause.

DeSantis continued, “And so, you also just have the fact that if you’re going to talk about debt, then you should look at who has benefited the most from all this exorbitant debt that has been taken out over the last generation.”

“It’s the universities,” DeSantis pointed out, “They have bloated administrative budgets, although in Florida, since I’ve been governor, no tuition increases at our universities, we haven’t allowed that.”

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre has attempted to provide cover for Biden following the announcement but has struggled at times.

“REPORTER: ‘You can’t say how much it’s going to cost. You can’t say exactly how it’s going to be paid for and you can’t say exactly who is paying for the costs […] How is it fiscally responsible?'”

“KJP: ‘…We do not see this as irresponsible.'”

As we reported yesterday, Fox News’ Peter Doocy pressed Jean-Pierre after Biden announced the plan, asking who is going to pay for it.

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