Sarah Sanders Raises $1 Million Dollars in Four Days for Newly Announced Governor Run in Arkansas

Sarah Sanders has been endorsed by former President Trump to run for Republican Governor in Arkansas after her recent announcement. Trump had previously encouraged her to run after she stepped down from her position as Trump White House Press Secretary, handing over the reigns to Kayleigh McEnany eventually.

Sanders left the White House on a good note, despite many left wing activist journalists calling her a liar and accusing her of ‘covering for Presiden Trump’ many times. Supporters of Trump who in large part probably want him to run for president again in 2024 are thrilled to see Sarah Huckabee Sanders run for Governor.

It’s likely that many are hoping to see Sarah continue to rise in the political scene if she wins this race, which she is likely but of course not guaranteed to win. In just a few days it is being reported that Sander raised a whopping $1 million dollars for her new campaign. This is a good sign for Trump and Trump loyalists, Sanders being one, that the Trump style and influence in the GOP is here to stay.

President Trump plans to help the GOP in 2022, and also wants to help primary ‘NeverTrumpers’. Although he has not announced a 2024 run yet in the wake of an attempted second impeachment by Democrats, he certainly hasn’t discounted the idea yet. Before the events on January 6th, Trump was rumored to announce his 2024 run during Joe Biden’s inauguration, but clearly that idea, if it existed, was put on hold.

No Democrats have yet announced a run for Governor in Arkansas. Sarah said of the fundraising numbers so far: “I’m grateful for the outpouring of support from Arkansans for my campaign – our message is powerfully resonating with people in every corner of our state. As governor, I will represent all Arkansans, defend our freedom and lead with heart.”

Time will tell if anyone who can compete challenges Sanders if if she ends up sweeping the upcoming Governor’s race. It’s unlikely her popularity will wane, and it’s likely that Trump loyalists will continue to succeed, while those who turned on him will not, in the near future. The only variance to this theory in our view may be in swing regions where Republicans often run as moderates to appeal to both Democrats and Republicans.

This strategy is a fine line to dance on because often you can lose ardent Trump supporters in the wake of appealing to Democrats, many of whom which may never vote for you anyway. The science of running in swing districts is one of the toughest in politics. Luckily for Sarah, this is not a concern she currently has to grapple with.

We will bring you major updates the Sanders campaign as we are able to, so stay tuned to Media Right News for more.

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