Scaramucci Calls Trump a Bully After Trump Responds to Disloyalty

Anthony Scaramucci, former White House Communications Director, has recently turned his back on President Trump after being one of his most ardent fans and supporters. According to the New York Daily News, he says Trump is in nuclear meltdown mode.

From New York Daily News:

Take it from the Mooch: Trump is in meltdown mode — and it’s too much for even a friend to take.

Onetime Trump-whisperer Anthony Scaramucci said Monday that he kept his lips sealed for years about the president’s erratic behavior but “his increasingly divisive rhetoric…outweighs any short-term economic gain.

After his recent turning on the President, which some could see as being a publicity stunt, he has gotten himself into a Twitter feud with the Tweeter in Chief himself, Donald J. Trump. These situations don’t usually end well for the people who get themselves into these things and this one seems to already be taking a turn for the worse.

Scaramucci, acting surprised that Trump has hit back against his comments about how the GOP needs someone to replace President Trump to run in 2020, is now claiming he is being bullied by the President.

The sequence of events can pretty much be seen in the Tweets below, where Trump first called him out, then Scaramucci explaining why he ‘ditched’ Trump, another tweet from President Trump and then the latest from “The Mooch”, the accusation of bullying.

SEE TWEETS BETWEEN @Scaramucci and @realDonaldTrump BELOW:

Scaramucci’s support for POTUS has been questionable for some time now as can be seen in a 2018 CNN video where he ironically claims to be loyal to Trump but criticizes him over the infamous ‘Helsinki’ trip, saying he doesn’t know who the right person in the White House is to give him advice.


The question is, will he fade into the background quickly after all this, or will Anthony Scaramucci continue to clammer for even more media attention and publicity at the expense of his former alliance with the President of the United States? Will he become the next ‘Republican’ CNN commentator like John Kasich?