Kamala Harris Fumes Over New Trump Stance on Immigrant Entitlements

Earlier today it was announced that under the new direction of Ken Cuccinelli, who is heading up the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service currently, President Trump will target entitlement benefits being received by legal immigrants by rejecting visa applications for people likely to receive benefits. These programs include ‘food stamp’ benefits and subsidized housing. This is in an effort to benefit citizens and taxpayers and encourage more merit-based immigration.

From the New York Times:

The move will have the greatest impact on immigrants who are living in the country legally and are likely to receive government benefits, making it much harder for people who are struggling financially to win legal permanent status — commonly known as a green card — so they can remain in the United States.

The Democrats are fuming mad over this new plan as they insist they are the party of all people, including immigrants, legal an otherwise. The reason why they seem to be the party for even illegal immigrants is based on the fact that at a recent Democrat debate, of which Kamala Harris was in attendance, every candidate raised their hand when asked the question of if illegal immigrants should receive US government healthcare benefits.

Harris retweeted the article from The New York times and captioned it:

We won’t stand for this. The Trump administration’s relentless vilifying of immigrants must end.

Immigrants from across the globe have helped build this country. They should be welcomed and celebrated, not demeaned and insulted.