Scaramucci Meets With Michael Cohen in Prison While Planning Anti-Trump Super PAC

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci went to go visit President Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen over the weekend, keeping a promise he made to him back in May. Cohen is currently serving a ​three-year prison sentence​ for financial crimes and lying to congress.

Scaramucci claims that he was only visiting Cohen as a friend trying to work on getting Cohen’s sentence reduced. Cohen blamed his ‘Blind Loyalty’ to Trump as what brought him to prison. Scarmucci has soured on Trump over time as well, after being let go from his position as White House communications director after only 11 Days.

‘The Mooch’ wrote a Pro-Trump book ‘​The Blue-Collar President​’ after being let go from his position within the White House, but he announced his plans to start work on an Anti-Trump PAC a few days after having a sit down with former U.N. Ambassador ​Nikki Haley​ in August of this year. Scaramucci and The president had a little spat on Twitter during the same timeframe that we ​previously​ reported on. One may think that Scaramucci’s ego was hurt in the exchange and this prompted him to rally harder against the President.

In an interview with Bloomberg today, he stated he has been visiting two swing states a week since August, in an effort to get the Anti-PAC going. Scaramucci will be formally announcing the PAC in January of 2020, he believes that Trump will not be the Republican nominee come November 2020. Scaramucci stated the President is living in a bubble and sighted Trump being ​booed​ at the world series game.


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