School Hides Tweets After Principal and School Board VP Busted Partying Maskless Despite Mandating 4 Year-Olds+ Wear Them

The popular Twitter account “Libs of Tik Tok” unearthed some hypocrisy at a New York school for young elementary schoolers and pre-K. Meadow Drive School is pre-K through second grade.

It is in Albertson, New York. Below is a screenshot of their website which is linked to the site directly. Below that, are some tweets showing Principal Sara Ortiz and others, not practicing what they mandate.

“This is Sarah Ortiz. Principal of @MeadowDrMineola at an event yesterday, maskless. To the right is 4 year olds forced to mask up in her school. Hypocrisy at it’s best.”

“This is @Patrick_Talty. VP of the Mineola Board of Education at an event yesterday, maskless. Toddlers are forced to mask all day in @MeadowDrMineola Forcing 4 year olds to mask for hours a day at school is child abuse.”

The school’s Twitter handle also was changed from @MeadowDriveMineola to @MeadowDriveElem to try to make it harder for people to find it after the apparent hypocrisy surfaced.

Twitter Screenshot

It’s all too common that left-leaning or “RINO” leaders in our cities and schools enact rules for me but not for thee, or in this case, your children.

Stay tuned for more possible updates if they do indeed come to the light. Thanks for following Media Right News.

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