Schumer Stumbles, Checks Notes on Maddow While Asking Trump to Invoke DPA to ‘Command Factories’

In an interview last night with Rachel Maddow, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer stumbled, checked notes and asked President Trump to “invoke the Defense Production Act.” He already did on April 3rd.

Jonathan Turcotte, Trump Campaign Deputy Director: Looking down at his notes, cryin’ Chuck Schumer says he asked the White House to “op[en], to create, to use, the DPA, the Defense Production Act…Uh,uh,uh which could be needed, which could be used.” President Donald Trump invoked the Defense Production Act weeks ago!

The plans are the White House are almost non existent, they’re helter-skelter, no one is really in charge.

Schumer continues on the show saying, “you could appoint a czar, that czar could command factories to make this amount of tests, command supply lines to supply them with what they need, distribute the tests to where they’re needed and have a nationwide plan.”

“This is what Korea has done. There’s a story in today’s, I think, Washington Post the reason that Germany has so many fewer deaths than Britain is because they had a nationwide regime of testing and then tracing and following up.”

Prior to that, he had criticized Trump for not having enough testing, despite the fact that the US has tested over 3 million people. Germany now is next closest at 1.7 million.

The April 3rd statement from the President Regarding the Defense Production Act said that he was going after wartime profiteers and making sure that PPE stayed in America.

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