Seattle Street Preacher Continues Preaching Even After Being Assaulted and Pushed on Ground by Antifa

Antifa and ‘Black Lives Matter’ claim to be ‘anti-racist’ groups, but after months of rioting, looting, vandalism and assault against police officers, not to mention intimidating U.S. citizens in residential neighborhoods in many recent instances, you could be forgiven for thinking they’re for something else altogether.

What exactly is that something else? Peace-loving patriotic citizens around the nation will have to decide that for themselves and figure out what it means for the future. Andy Ngo, a journalist who himself has been assaulted by Antifa, has been posting videos from various cities including Portland, Oregon.

Portland has seen nonstop riots for over two months now and the Democrat Mayor Ted Wheeler has not been able to stop it, despite attempted murder and arson ongoing. Ngo recently posted a clip from Seattle, Washington, the same city that had a small part of its downtown taken over for weeks and renamed CHAZ, and then CHOP.

In the short clip, it appears a street preacher was peacefully trying to spread the word of Jesus. Antifa wasn’t having it and assaulted him, knocked him over on the ground, and appeared to hit him with an umbrella. It’s believed these umbrellas are used to help rioters protect their identity while they potentially commit lawless activities.

That though would be reaffirmed as you can see they are also intimidating a person filming to turn off his camera. Check out the video below where the preacher continues preaching even as he is knocked to the ground viciously by the hateful group of anti-police protesters:

It seems no matter who you are, you are not off-limits to the angry mob these days unless you are part of it. It’s hard to say what it will take to quell the disarray around the nation but if you believe in a higher power, prayer wouldn’t be a bad idea at this point in time.