Senator Laments Lack of Justice Against “White Supremacy” After Trump Supporter Kills Himself Over Charges for Reported Self Defense

Cassandra Fairbanks of the Gateway Pundit has been at the forefront of a story that made headlines, but not big enough headlines in our view, as they should be making nationally. Trump supporter Jake Gardner of Omaha Nebraska reportedly killed a protester outside of his bar and has claimed it was self-defense. Initially, it was reportedly ruled self-defense, but after pushback from the angry left-wing mob, Fredrick Franklin, an assistant U.S. attorney in the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Omaha pushed for more charges.

Tragically, it was too much for Gardner to bear. Although he had not yet had his day to try and prove his innocence with his viable self-defense claim, he took his own life. Fairbanks has covered the story substantially including those who have smeared the man even after he committed suicide, almost implying that there wasn’t enough ‘justice’ for someone who many claim to be a white supremacist.

A video surfaced of Gardner showing he in fact supported President Trump along with acknowledging that Trump wasn’t even that far-right, especially not on social issues. See the video below:

Subsequently, a Nebraska State Senator named Megan Hunt couldn’t even let things be after Gardner’s passing, pushing onward and marking just how poorly she felt about the man and how political she made the situation. She tweeted in part about the man who took his life: “Jake Gardner is gone, but the white supremacist attitudes that emboldened him are still with us today.” We have screenshots of her tweets as they are so shocking there’s always a chance they could be later removed:

Fairbanks had this to say above her article about the Senator’s comments:

Trashy Nebraska Senator Megan Hunt (@NebraskaMegan) Admits Jake Gardner Persecution Was Mob Rule, Continues to Smear Him After His Suicide

It was reported that Gardner had been targeted for years by the left for being a bar owner who supported Trump. Although this case had not yet been able to go to trial, clearly Gardner felt he was in self-defense when he did what he did and took his life for fear that he wasn’t receiving a fair shake. Omaha, Nebraska isn’t exactly Portland, Oregon either, this is considered the heartland, and Gardener probably never thought something like this would ever spiral so out of control in his own town. Read more about him below:

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