Sheila Jackson Lee Loses Her Cool at Corey Lewandowski at ‘Impeachment’ Hearing

Yesterday former Trump campaign manager and possible U.S. Senate candidate (which was promoted on his Twitter account shortly after the hearing began), Corey Lewandowski appeared to answer questions as part of a House Judiciary hearing designed to try and push forward on the impeachment of President Trump.

Lewandowski sparred with many Democrats, not outright, but by apparently trolling them with his requests for clarity of their questions. In other instances, he claimed he was unable to speak about private meetings he had with President Trump, although folks like Committee Chairman and U.S. Rep. Jerry Nadler (D), who chaired the committee claimed he did not have ‘executive’ privilege for which he separately accused him of obstruction.

In a short clip below you can see the crescendo of Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee’s (D) frustration with Lewandowski. In it, she appears to chastise Corey for the comical responses he had been giving to questions so far by telling him, “this is a House hearing, not a house party”.


CNN reports on the entire portion of the questioning by Sheila Jackson Lee, which can be read from there in part in the citation below:

“Let me just say that you knew — did you know that the President was putting you at risk when he asked you to deliver a message to the attorney general?” Jackson Lee asked.

“I want to be very clear. The President knew what he was doing was wrong because everyone else had already said no. He called his White House counsel to fire the special counsel. McGahn said no,” Jackson Lee continued. “He called the attorney general to ask him to unrecuse himself from the special counsel’s investigation. Sessions said no. His White House counsel said that there should be no contact with Sessions because of his recusal.”She added, “So what does the President do? He calls you in to do what everyone else wouldn’t do. He called you in to do his dirty work in secret because he knew it was wrong.”

As Nadler reminded Rep. Jackson Lee that her time had expired she asks Corey if he’s “going to answer the question” and he says basically that he didn’t know what the question was, and he thought it was just a rant. The ‘rant’ portion of the clip was cut out from the full clip on PBS News Hour though, which can be seen below, but you can see the ‘rant’ comment by clicking the link to the CNN article referenced earlier or right here in the video at the beginning. Some Democrats were so angry after the hearings that they called for Lewandowski to be held in contempt or be ‘fined’ as Rep. Jackie Speier (D) said in a Fox News clip later.

In the full video, Jackson Lee appears to not let Lewandowski answer her question about President Trump ‘wanting to fire the special counsel’ the way he wants to so she keeps right on talking over him and he says, “I’d be happy to answer your question or you can just have a conversation by yourself….”


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