Shrinking ‘HuffPo’ Writes Desperate Op-Ed That Highlights One Tweet Typo Over Children Out of School Suffering from Mental Health Issues

The “HuffPo” or Huffington Post, which recently lost a large handful of left-wing journalists due to major budget cuts continues to get more desperate for clicks. In a recent piece, they seem to prioritize a typo in a tweet from the GOP over the point of the tweet, which is that children in the U.S. are and have been suffering. This piece tends to look more like one of former Star Trek actor George Takei’s clickbait rag pieces rather than an actual news story. But hey, clicks are clicks, right?

The screenshot of the GOP tweet reads:

“Keeping schools closed has DEVESTATING effects on the mental health, social and economic situation, and academic achievement of America’s children.

The science is in – schools can safely reopen!”

Obviously someone made a typo. And although we are a right leaning opinion site, we aren’t one to stand up for either official party, especially the GOP, but in this case, it’s not really about the organization headed by U.S. Senator Mitt Romney’s (R-UT) niece Ronna McDaniel. It’s about the subject matter itself, especially if you (HuffPo) consider yourself a serious news site.

In the piece, which can be seen here if you really want to, where they posted various prominent Democrat tweets piling on about one simple typo, including Dan Rather and Charlotte Clymer.

Neither the RNC nor its chair, Ronna McDaniel, addressed the typo. But critics on social media took them to school over it:

We tweeted out to the writer of the arguably clickbait piece, to see if Mazza might respond, saying:

@EdMazza is more worried about a typo than the mental health of children. Probably worried about his job too. Wonder if HIS mental health is ok…”

It’s unlikely that Mazza will respond, or the HuffPo, but we’ll update the story if they do as needed.

Children have indeed suffered greatly over the Covid-19 pandemic. Many have struggled with depression, some have even committed suicide thanks to the crippling effects of being locked down and doing virtual school for almost a year. It can be debated whether or not schools ever needed to be closed, although that is a different subject for a different story.

To use this tragic subject to bash someone over a basic type of the lowest of the low in our view. The HuffPo should apologize and retract this garbage report in our view and write another report instead detailing the tragedies of 2020 and 2021 that American children have had to suffer.

Recently, HuffPo experienced major layoffs and Trump-trashing headline matter has dropped under the Biden administration. HuffPo, CNN, and other left-wing “news” sources have suffered as we previously reported extensively here, saying in part:

It was recently reported that 47 journalists were let go out of nowhere by Buzzfeed after they acquired HuffPo from Verizon, causing a Twitter meltdown, and many claiming they were in need of a new job on their blue check accounts.

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