Snopes Rates Rumor That Biden Pooped His Pants During Visit With Pope False After ‘#PoopyPantsBiden’ Trends on Twitter

We reported on Sunday that “#PoopyPantsBiden” had trended on Twitter after a rumor spread that President Joe Biden had pooped his pants during a visit with Pope Francis.

Snopes rated the rumor false however in a recent fact check where they declared that “there’s no evidence that this claim and the social media trend that sprang from it were based on anything other than idle gossip.”

“This claim wasn’t derived from photos or videos of Biden, or any credible news reports,” Snopes reported.

Snopes pointed out, at least, that “Biden, of course, is not the only president to have unflattering and untrue rumors spread about his bodily functions on social media.”

“Social media users previously claimed that former President Donald Trump had pooped his pants on the golf course (this rumor was based on a fake photo), that he had peed his pants before or during a public appearance in Tennessee (real photo, misinterpreted), and that he had once worn his pants backwards (this claim was based on some seemingly ill-fitted pants),” the fact checking site noted.

Twitter users had attempted to fight back against the claims about Biden by using the fake photo of Trump on the golf course, as we had pointed out.

The Daily Wire’s Ian Haworth said of the “no evidence” assertion by Snopes, “If there’s anything 2020 taught us, it’s that lack of evidence should never stop us from reaching a conclusion.”

The originator of the #PoopyPantsBiden trend, “Catturd,” remained undeterred today, sharing a meme of Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris that was captioned, “Sh*ts and giggles.”

“Catturd” asked mockingly, “Who did this?” along with a laughing face emoji.