Stacey Abrams Tells MSNBC’s Joy Reid That GOP State Election Reform Bills Look Like ‘Jim Crow-Era Laws’

Stacey Abrams appeared on MSNBC last night and spoke to host Joy Reid about the election reform bills that have been passed in various states where Republicans are in charge of the legislature.

Reid asked Abrams at the beginning of the interview about the “Current slate of laws” and “How much worse can this get?”

Abrams responded by decrying what she said look like “post-Reconstruction Jim Crow-era laws and that’s not hyperbolic.”

“If you increase the photo ID requirements, there are millions of Americans who simply cannot meet those requirements because the underlying paperwork that they have to have either doesn’t exist, is too expensive, or is too complicated to access,” Abrams insisted.

Abrams continued, “We know that again and again these laws are designed for one specific purpose and that is to discourage or prevent people from voting.”

After Abrams finished, Reid suggested that people’s papers may have been washed away in due to recent flood damage in Texas.

Reid then continued to offer suggestions for how she believes Republicans are trying to suppress the vote to which Abrams responded, “When you can win elections not by having the best ideas, but by stealing the right to vote, then you do not deserve to win.”

Reid and Abrams concluded the interview by wondering if perhaps the filibuster should be eliminated so that they could pass voting legislation at the federal level to stop the state legislatures.