Steve King Says Liz Cheney ‘Has a Far Different Understanding of Freedom of Speech Than Our Framers’ After Latest Comments

Earlier this week, U.S. House Rep Liz Cheney (R-WY) spoke with the Cheyenne Rotary Club and suggested that white supremacist ideology has penetrated both of America’s political parties.

Cheney claimed, “We’ve seen anti-Semitism, white supremacy, Holocaust denial, by people both on the right in the Republican Party and by people on the left in the Democratic Party.”

“They can have no place in our in our public discourse. We have to be very clear that we stand for freedom and justice and equality and that we’re going to fight for those things,” Cheney insisted.

As The Hill noted, Cheney did not specify to whom in each party she was referring but has made similar comments on a number occasions over the past several months.

The comments didn’t sit well apparently with former Iowa U.S. House Rep Steve King (R-IA) who said that he believes, “Clearly Liz Cheney has a far different understanding of Freedom of Speech than our Framers.”

“Liz, you keep your oath by DEFENDING Freedom of Speech—not by attacking it,” King said, admonishing her.

Cheney also appeared to speak out about her recent censure and calls to resign from the state’s GOP.

“The oath that I took can never bend to political pressure, to mob rule or to partisanship. And that’s what we should want from all of our elected officials,” Cheney explained.

Cheney added that she believes, “If you are unwilling to defend the Constitution, or if you’re only willing to defend it when it serves your political purpose, then the Constitution will not stand.”