Students Send Message to Radical Leftist School Board Nut Jobs by Staging Walkout Over Alleged Sexual Assault Coverup to Protect the Transgender Agenda

The saga continues in Loudoun County, Virginia since a man there was arrested after trying to tell the school board there about how a boy raped his daughter in the girl’s room.

It appears that to protect the transgender and LGBTQ agenda, there was a coverup. Ultimately, one school board member has resigned and others remain under fire, and the superintendent has apologized.

Meanwhile, kids at Broad Run High in Loudoun County staged a walkout today to send a message that they don’t feel safe with the shady dealings going on there under the rule of radical left-wing cultists. We reposted a video from Twitter:

Students stage walkout at Loudoun County’s Broad Run High Over Alleged Sexual Assault Coverup to Protect the Transgender Agenda:

We reported on the initial arrests before the Daily Wire did an expose on the man who was arrested back in June, saying in part:

Parents showed up yesterday in northern Virginia to blast school board members over Critical Race Theory. Anger has swept the nation over CRT as it is seen by many as just blatant Anti-White racism disguised under another name. Local activist Fredy Burgos covered some of the events as well as Gabriella Borter on Twitter and others.

The social media posts here and that can be found elsewhere pretty much speak for themselves. Two arrests were even made when an unlawful assembly was declared after parents didn’t immediately leave when the meeting had ended.

Parents were angry about Critical Race Theory but also transgenders being able to use the bathroom of which they identify, although the man whose daughter was allegedly raped was reportedly raped by a boy who should not have been in the bathroom. The man felt the new rules put his daughter at higher risk though.

Stay tuned for possible updates on the Broad Run High walkout.

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