Sweden Defeats the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team 3-0 in Olympic Opener, Snaps 44-Game Unbeaten Streak

The U.S. Women’s National Team was dealt a stunning blow in their Olympic soccer opener as they fell 3-0 to Sweden, snapping a 44-game unbeaten streak that dated back to Jan. 2019.

The USWNT is ranked No. 1 in the world and the favorites to win gold in Tokyo, but Sweden, ranked No. 5, has been the U.S. team’s nemesis of sorts in recent years.

In 2016, the Swedes eliminated the Americans from the Rio de Janeiro Games in the quarterfinals, the earliest U.S. Olympic exit ever.

A recent controversy was proven to be not all that it seemed in regards to the players turning their back either on the flag or a WWII vet playing the National Anthem, but it was clear that there was a lack of cohesion amongst the players in terms of national pride compared to the players from Mexico before that game.

One Twitter user, Clarence J Harmon, noted after today’s game, “Women’s Olympic soccer team gets beat by Sweden you didn’t see the Sweden players disrespect her anthem or their flag u.s. team has nothing to fight for anymore they will have a early exit from the Olympics.”

Trump supporter Vince Langman declared in a tweet, “Wow it’s going to be a great day Sweden just destroyed the WOKE USA women’s soccer team 3-0 in the Olympics.”

A clip shared by The Columbia Bugle showed Tobin Heath kicking the ball forward, only for it to be blocked by one of the Swedes and then ricochet back, hitting her in the face.

Heath can then be seen on the ground, writhing in pain and grabbing her face with both hands as one of the Swedes can be seen walking by.

“Summary Of The #USWNT Loss To Sweden,” they noted.

In April, Sweden played the United States to a 1-1 draw in Stockholm, which was the first time the USWNT had failed to win a game since the streak began when the Americans lost to France in the run-up to the World Cup.

The top two teams in the group advance, so the USWNT can still advance, but face a tough road ahead as Sweden now leads Group G heading into Saturday’s game against Australia in Saitama, while the Americans faces New Zealand.