Ted Cruz Defends Marco Rubio’s John Lewis Faux Pas, Says People Confuse Them Too

Republican Senator Marco Rubio attempted to tweet a tribute to Congressman John Lewis yesterday but mistakenly used a photo of Elijah Cummings, who died last year, instead. He later tweeted out a correction.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz has came to Rubio’s defense, blasting those on Twitter who are “slamming Marco for mistakenly posting the wrong photo.” He then claimed that “FWIW (for what it’s worth) others often confuse Marco & me”

“People regularly come up to me & say ‘I love you, Sen. Rubio,'” he continued. He then referenced the 2016 presidential election where they were both serious contenders for the Republican nomination by saying, “I don’t correct them & I’ll take a pic, but as they’re taking it I whisper, ‘actually, I voted for Cruz.'”

This morning, Rubio tweeted out a bible verse and one of the top responses, by a Joe Biden supporter and tweeted prior to Cruz’s tweet, was a picture of Cruz and a sarcastic message, “Thanks, Marco.”

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