Ted Cruz Flips Script, Destroys Democrat Case as They Boycott Amy Coney Barrett at Judiciary Hearing

“The Democrats understand that their radical agendas for the Supreme Court are extremely unpopular,” says US Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) in a video where he slams Democrats this morning. In a Senate Judiciary meeting where the GOP plans to vote to advance the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett, the Democrats didn’t show up.

Instead, they put pictures of people they wanted to use as stunts in their chairs. Cruz notes: “one picture I don’t see is the Little Sisters of the Poor”. He goes on to explain how Obama-Care in his view, discriminated against them and how the Democrats will gladly do it again if they get the power he believes.

Cruz then says some on the left want to give the federal government the power to ban books and movies, referencing “Citizens United”. He also hints that the Democrats would make it a crime to own guns if they were completely in charge he believes. Different Democrats over the years have had different gun control plans but one thing is for sure, almost all of them want more regulations.

Cruz’s historical rant lambastes the Democrats for not being in the hearing room. “Two Democrats is more than we have today,” he says, and goes on to say “there’s a reason why Joe Biden and Kamala Harris refuse to answer the question of whether they intend to pack the court because the answer is yes”.

He goes on to say that the majority of Americans in his view don’t want to see the Supreme Court politicized and its independence destroyed.

Cruz continues on his rant about “unelected lawyers” litigating law being what would happen if the left were to gain control of the Supreme Court and claims the overwhelming majority of Americans are with the GOP on this particular stance, which is why he believes the Democrats didn’t even show up to this hearing to advance Amy Coney Barrett to the floor. WATCH:

USA Today reported in part:

All 12 Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to approve Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination Thursday, clearing the way for the full Senate to vote on her nomination Monday. Democrats had opted to boycott the hearing, leaving no one to oppose the nomination.

Sen. John Cornyn, R-Texas, called it “surreal” for the panel to vote on Barrett’s nomination without Democrats there. 

Democrats had said they would boycott Thursday’s hearing and vote, hoping to prevent the committee from establishing a quorum. Instead, Democrats plan to hold a press conference Thursday morning during the hearing. The boycott effort appeared to be a longshot attempt at stalling the federal judge’s confirmation to the high court but Republicans moved forward without Democrats.

“Judge Barrett is going to the floor,” Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., said after the panel finished voting on Barrett’s nomination, just under a half-hour into their meeting. “I hope you look back at this time on the committee and say I was there when it mattered. And you were.”

We would give some examples of response from Democrats in the hearing today but they, of course, were indeed MIA. The plan is to vote for Amy Coney Barrett to be in the Supreme Court this Monday in the full Senate.

Shortly after the speech, the committee moved forward and President Trump bragged on Twitter that the vote will move forward to put Amy Coney Barett on the Supreme Court:

“Judiciary Committee approves Judge Barrett. Moves to full Senate for final vote. Big day for America!”