Teddy Daniels Gets Endorsed by General Flynn for U.S. House Race in Pennsylvania

Although Teddy Daniels has not yet even won the Republican nomination yet for CD-08 in Pennsylvania, many see him as the likely nominee anyway. This being the case, endorsements are piling up. The Trump-supporting, gun-toting patriot from Pennsylvania just scored General Michael Flynn’s endorsement.

This is no minor endorsement friends. Flynn fought back against the deep state, was pardoned by former President Donald for politically motivated charges from the left, and is back full force, touring the nations with and for various patriots and spreading the good word.

Daniels has also recently received and touted an endorsement from election integrity stalwart and Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers, who recently endorsed a handful of candidates. Daniels announced the endorsement from Flynn saying:

“General Flynn, Fmr. National Security Advisor to President Donald Trump, Endorses Teddy Daniels for Congress “Teddy Daniels is an America First patriot and Combat Wounded Veteran whom I endorse for Congress in Northeast Pennsylvania. He won’t back down to the swamp and (1/2)

will fight for our country like he did in Afghanistan. We need patriots like Teddy who love our Nation, our military, our police and our freedoms. I encourage everyone to get behind Teddy Daniels’ campaign.” (2/2)”

Daniels went on to say more of Flynn, thanking him:

“General Flynn is not only a hero, but he is a patriot who has taken a lot of hits for our country. I am truly honored to have his confidence and endorsement in my run for Congress. Thank you, sir.”

Below you can see the Rogers endorsement as well.

Daniels is already strategizing as though he is the nominee, recently attacking current Democrat U.S. House Rep Matt Cartwright. We reported on that in part:

Republican congressional candidate Teddy Daniels is going after his likely Democrat opponent after a hit by CNN tried to paint Daniels as some sort of extreme radical. Daniels still has to win his upcoming primary, but the field seems all but clear, and he will likely be the nominee for his district in Pennsylvania.

The soon-to-be hotly contested district could be any man’s race as CNN portrays, and they seem to want to try to hurt Daniels by painting current Rep. Matt Cartwright in a good light, and Daniels in a bad light.

In the article, CNN links to a tweet showing that Daniels was in D.C. on January 6th. Of course, Daniels wasn’t one of the people who trespassed though, but the left likes to blur the lines on that narrative.

The hope here is that in 2022 and 2024, Trump Republicans can take hold of the narrative and push the GOP more towards an America First agenda and less towards a corporation first agenda that many see the current GOP as supporting.

There will be many variables in upcoming elections, but one thing is clear, Biden is failing and even many mainstream media organizations are beginning to let up on their normal interference running operation in our view. That is a possible sign that the GOP can have a red wave, assuming the contentious issue of Covid-19 mandates ever begins to go into the rearview mirror.

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