Former Clinton Adviser Claims Hillary May be In Hot Water After Sussman Indictment from John Durham Investigation

Could it happen? Conservative news site MAGA Conservatives posted a scoop detailing how Hillary herself may now be in hot water. This comes after he ally and former Perkins Coie bigwig Michael Sussman was indicted at the last possible minute in the John Durham investigation.

This investigation is still ongoing. Many are hoping Sussman flips on bigger possible targets. He was charged with lying to the FBI in regards to his motives behind the dirty Steele dossier that the Clinton campaign tried to use against then-candidate Donald Trump in 2016.

Dick Morris, a former adviser to Hillary’s husband and former President Bill Clinton is saying Hillary could get sucked into all this mess. MAGA Conservatives reported on Morris’ latest opinions:

“It might be that we’ve finally caught up with Hillary. We don’t know yet, but I’m going to probe it, and I think that there’s some chance now.

“Durham just indicted a guy named Sussmann for lying to the FBI. Sussmann worked for the law firm of Perkins Cole.

“That was the law firm that Hillary‘s campaign hired that conducted this stuff and fabricated the Steele dossier and all of that.

“And he lied to the FBI and did not reveal that Hillary and Hillary’s campaign was paying him. “That he was their employee.

 “That he was acting on their behalf.”

“Hillary was basically his client, and he did not reveal that to the FBI, so he is under indictment for that.

“The real point here is that this is the trail that leads to Hillary.

“The point is that that led to two years of investigating and almost impeaching Trump, and it was totally phony,” Morris said. “Never happened.”

See full scoop:

We reported back on 9/16 in part:

Last night, we reported that Michael Sussman was likely to be indicted by John Durham, just in the “nick of time”, for those hoping for this outcome anyway.

It was reported that Saturday would have been the statute of limitation limit for this to happen. Sussman was a legal representative for the Hillary Clinton campaign with Perkins Coie.

Stay tuned for updates on this developing situation

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