Terrence K Williams Believes That the FBI ‘Raided’ Melania Trump’s Closet Because Jill Biden ‘Told Them to Find Her Some Stylish Clothes’

In the aftermath of the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago, it was reported that “FBI agents scoured Melania Trump’s wardrobe.”

That report didn’t sit well with comedian Terrence K Williams, who referenced in a tweet where he took a shot at Jill Biden.

“The FBI also raided Melania Trumps Closet,” Williams reported.

Williams wondered, “Why were they going through her clothes and shoes?”

“I believe tacky dressing Jill Biden told them to find her some stylish clothes,” Williams insisted.

The day after the raid, a video showed Jill having to help her husband, Joe Biden, find his sleeve as he struggled to get the coat back on after he stepped off Marine One. 

Joe then dropped his signature aviator sunglasses on the tarmac but paused to pick them up and they appeared unharmed.

Twitter user Marty Griffith also made a viral tweet mocking Jill in relation to the FBI raid of Melania’s closet.

“I’m guessing the FBI won’t be going through the ever fashionable Jill Biden’s clothes,” Griffith asserted as he shared a picture of her in a dress.

The Post reported that Melania had renovated the “sumptuous Versailles Master Bedroom” two years ago that FBI agents accessed.

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