Terry Crews Pushes Back on ‘Black Lives Matter’, Gets Devoured by the Rage Mob

Actor Terry Crews took to Twitter this morning to caution the rage mob to perhaps, tap the brakes a bit. If there is anything we have learned lately about the protesters and social justice warriors though, it’s that you don’t step out of line or all them out without getting the entire ‘crew’ (pun somewhat intended) in a tizzy.

It’s safe to say that most (not all) Hollywood icons lean left. But even then, when someone as influential as Crews throws a monkey wrench in the operation things get interesting. Crews is a victim of sexual assault and someone who often thinks for himself. He has portrayed many different types of characters on the big screen and generally is a very well-liked character by the American populace. Today Crews issued this statement:

“If you are a child of God, you are my brother and sister. I have family of every race, creed and ideology. We must ensure #blacklivesmatter doesn’t morph into #blacklivesbetter” See his tweet below:

Equality is something the left has called for for a long time, and something both sides generally agree on. Crews appears to simply be calling for exactly that, and asking that the pendulum swing doesn’t go too far the other way, creating additional and unnecessary racial division in the United States, which is already reeling after COVID-19 and the tragic death of George Floyd.

This request for fairness on both sides wasn’t taken well by the left-wing blue check Twitterites, and it’s clear in the responses. A couple of examples provided below:

“terry, you’re scaring the white people, please.” One person exclaimed.

Franchesca Ramsey lambasted Crews, using a GIF image of ‘angry Ice Cube’ to augment the point she wanted to get across.

“Terry. what in the actual hell? this is the very definition of a strawman argument. why would you suggest a movement created to advocate for the prosecution of cops/citizens responsible for racially motivated killings could some how morph into “we’re better”” See tweet:

Of course Terry probably wants the things Ramsey claims ‘Black Lives Matter’ is about. But Crews is probably referring to wanting to slow down on a lot of the hateful rhetoric, looting, violence, and cancel culture that has ensued, but I am only speculating, to be fair.

Peter Lloyd pushed back (getting a lot of his own flak for that too) by calling out the liberals with a word we won’t re-type. But you can see the tweet for yourself below where he does state that “Trashing a black guy for race ‘wrongthink’ is literally racist.”, calling the left out for perceived hypocrisy.

The amount of enraged leftists continues if you follow the thread for yourself on Twitter. How long before an apology is demanded of Terry, and will he stand firm?

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