Democrat Elected Official who Participated in St. Louis Mob to Mayor Beforehand: ‘Expect Us Soon’

We reported earlier on what one of the gun-toting homeowners described as “the storming of the Bastille” in St. Louis and a Democrat elected official, Rasheen Aldridge, who was present with the group, spoke with the local reporter.

Aldridge is the 5th Ward Committeeman in St. Louis and also a State Representative, representing the 78th district. He was elected to the city council in 2016, making him the youngest committeeman in St. Louis history, and to the state house in 2018.

On Friday, he made a Facebook post where he called out St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson. He told her to “expect us soon” after saying he guessed it was “ok to mention” her address.

Wow Mayor Lyda Krewson you calling names and address out of residents who wrote you on their opinion on where they to want to see change. I guess it’s ok to mention your address out so folks can come visit you personally better yet expect us soon.

In another post, he referred to the couple who were defending their home as “the real thugs.” He claimed that “The people wasn’t on any property but this law firm couple decided to come and point guns at us!”

Aldridge has asked his followers to email him if they would “like to file a complaint” against “Patricia and Mark McCloskey” who he said “brandished and pointed weapons at protesters who were walking along the sidewalk.”

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