The Search is on for Supreme Court Leaker, and a Female Former Army Colonel is in Charge of the Investigation

Former U.S. Army Col. Gail Curley became Marshal of the United States Supreme Court less than one year ago. She was reportedly expecting to have a mostly behind-the-scenes gig that didn’t involve being a high-profile figure or in the public limelight at all really.

However, her viewpoint on her own job may just have shifted as she is now being put on assignment for something major. She is now being put in charge of getting to the bottom of the leaked draft from the Supreme Court that shows conservative justices are likely to overturn Roe V. Wade at some point in the near future.

While that decision isn’t final, it has led to early speculation and outright among leftists that has even led to protests at some justice’s homes.

The Supreme Court justices clearly didn’t want or expect this. The person behind the leak likely went rogue as it’s unlikely, although not entirely impossible, that even one of the leftist judges would have greenlit such an atrocity as leaking a SCOTUS draft.

In addition to being a former Army Col., Curley is a former military lawyer with a professional temperament as well. reported that Curley declined a request for an interview, via a court spokeswoman. The report from the military news outlet also said in part:

“I’m confident that if the truth can be found out here, she’ll find it out and present it in an unbiased manner,” said retired Army Brig. Gen. Patrick Huston, her direct supervisor at the Pentagon in her last military job before the Supreme Court. Huston said he was incredibly impressed by Curley and that she had a tremendous reputation as a leader, but even as her boss of two years he didn’t know if she had a spouse or children.

In our speculation, many, but not all, on the left don’t want the SCOTUS leaker to be found. Most leftists support Roe V. Wade and think they may have a better chance at stopping the overturning of it if there is more public outcry and pressure before anything is made official.

Many have gone after Justice Clarence Thomas in particular, as he likely supports the draft which was authored by Samuel Alito, who has also had a lot of pushback. Many have said Thomas should not be on the Supreme Court due to his wife’s politics and her opinions on the January 6th capital riot.

Time will only tell if the leaker is found, and the woman in charge will certainly be even more well known than she is today if she succeeds in her assignment. We can only hope her own personal politics, whatever they may be, don’t affect her job duties in any way shape or form.