Tomi Lahren Gets Major Pushback for Apparently Comparing Donald Trump to Caitlyn Jenner After CPAC Debacle

Tomi Lahren has a mixed past of being conservative. Although she has a show on Fox Nation and is popular with many of the same people who enjoy Sean Hannity, it’s questionable just how conservative she is, or if she even knows what conservative means. Apparently, Caitlyn Jenner received pushback recently from conservatives for not being conservative enough.

Big League Politics reported that she went on Tucker Carlson recently and said she doesn’t care about the GOP, and only cares about her own agenda. Tomi Lahren, who is infamous for trying to normalize pro-choice into the Republican party, slammed others who have been critical of Jenner, and even went as far to appear to compare her to Donald Trump, and her dissenters to “Never-Trumpers”.

Jenner was only ever lukewarm on former President Donald Trump, flip-flopping on whether or not she supported him. But milquetoast Republicans have gone crazy over the thought of her running against Gavin Newsom for California Governor, as a Republican. After Lahren’s tweet below, she received a lot of pushback on Twitter. She tweeted:

“The “conservatives” attacking Caitlyn for her personal choices attacked Trump for his & declared him to be [sic] adverse to Christian values. They were the bulk of the “NeverTrump” pearl-clutching movement that suddenly became real quiet when his POLICIES worked! Save your BS!”

Many replied saying she should not compare Donald Trump to Caitlyn Jenner:

Trump ally Jenna Ellis, who was recently blocked by RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel said this about her:

“Tomi Lahren is an example of a “conservative” who doesn’t know what fundamental principles she’s conserving. Young people like free market, liberty, and choice, but haven’t thought through their worldview and where genuine freedom is derived (morality), so they’re inconsistent.”

Popular Twitter account ‘The Columbia Bugle’ pushed back with more than one tweet:

Lahren’s Twitter feed is littered with other tweets about her rage against anyone criticizing Jenner as well. The question is, is she the future of the GOP, or those on the right who disagree with her?