Tomi Lahren Makes it Official, Bails on Donald Trump and Supports Ron DeSantis: ‘I’m Gonna Get Heat for This…’

Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren announced she has seemingly jumped off the Trump train and is now firmly in the DeSantis camp.

Lahren believes that Ron DeSantis has a better shot at beating the Democratic nominee than former president Trump.

On Thursday, Lahren made it clear who she is supporting this primary. While on “The Issues” with Elex Michaelson, Lahren stared, “While I love Donald Trump, I love what he did for our country, I wish he was our president now, things would be a lot different.”

She then announced she has jumped ship, “I do believe that Ron DeSantis is our best bet to get back in that White House and to turn this country around.”

“So I am in the Ron DeSantis camp at this point. I think that he is our best chance. I love him at the governor of Florida. Apparently so do many Californians because they have flocked there and I think he’s going to be our best shot, a winner and a president,” she made her best attempt to sling her choice.

Michaelson tweeted the clip of Lahren pumping DeSantis over Trump. Lahren shared the clip and added, “I’m gonna get heat for this but I’m being honest, @RonDeSantis has a better shot at swaying Independent voters and that’s just the fact of the matter. Donald Trump was the best president of my lifetime but can he win a national election again- given everything (fair or unfair)- I am concerned.”

DeSantis formally announced he was running for President on May 24th in while talking with Elon Musk during a Twitter space.

According to the most recent polling on Real Clear Politics Trump is leading the pack by 32 points.

Lahren previously turned on conservatives when it was revealed she’s not as pro life as most.

Lahren endorsed Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) for president during the 2016 primary. Her endorsement sounded familiar to the one she just made for DeSantis.

She told her viewers, “So here it is. I pick Marco Rubio for president. Here’s why: Rubio is young, tenacious, well-spoken, and, most importantly, he can actually win.” The clip was used in an ad for Rubio’s campaign.

Donald Trump does better when people underestimate him. His win in 2016 took many by surprise and he plans to do it once again in the next presidential election.

You can see Lahren’s full appearance on “The Issues” below:


  1. I am not a Trump fan, I am actually a conservative with libertarian leanings, the Trumpmeister was a life-long dem until he ran for Pres. All this being said, I never liked Tomi Lahren, and now she has finally revealed her true colors. This has nothing to do with DeSantis or the Trumpster. This is Tomi Lahren finally revealing who she is.

  2. Makeup anyone? Thick, fat globs of the stuff. And plenty of mirror time, with shiny stuff too!! Well, I certainly better listen to what that rather young person has to say!! Such insight and authority, eh?

  3. I prefer DeSantis at this point but will gladly vote for DJT if he is the primary winner. I don’t appreciate DJT attacking Kaleigh McEnany, who has always been follower.

  4. Tomi, you are really off on this one. By you throwing your hat into the ring with Ron you’re doing the dem communist bidding unwittingly.

    I think Ron’s a great governor and doing a fantastic job but the timing is wrong. Discretion is the better part of valor.
    President Trump is an Ultra-Tsunami coming into 2024. He should win the Presidency in 2024 and as history has shown he will do a stellar job.

    Ron”s time will be 2028. You and all these other GOP candidates need to throw all of you weight behind President Trump so the people will make sure he wins for sure.
    No offense but Ron cannot beat President Trump at this point in history. Both are great men but as the song says; “timing is everything”.

  5. This woman loves a bandwagon. Its like these politicians are rockstars and she’s a groupie.

  6. Western women are Baby killing whore traitors … look at the most corrupt countries in the world , all western nations with women in power.
    The Muslims are correct about women and lgbtq sub humans ….

    Can’t you fix your comment section , have to add email each time …what a joke wonder you have no readers …ha…ha…

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