Trace Gallagher Gets Dream Gig as Fox News at Night Anchor, Replacing Newly Promoted Shannon Bream

Fox News is promoting Trace Gallagher. He will take over for Shannon Bream on Fox News at night. Shannon Bream replaced Chris Wallace who tried and failed to ascend with CNN+.

CNN+ is now defunct. That’s just awful for Democrat Chris Wallace while he sees his former co-workers climb the ladder at Fox News. Gallagher has been at Fox News for over 25 years.

Fox News Media stated in part:

“When it comes to breaking news coverage, Trace Gallagher is one of the best in the business and having a seasoned journalist at the helm of this hour ensures our viewers unrivaled 24/7 news coverage…”

October 3rd will be Gallagher’s first day in his new position.

In Our View:

Many sought alternatives to Fox News after they started taking a left turn in recent years. However, NewsMax has been moving left too, in our view, firing some of their best hosts, and leaving news watchers with few options.

Researching online is the best way to find out what’s happening in our view. Additionally, free thinking and understanding how censorship affects the spread of information is also important.

We will be keeping an eye out to see how Gallagher succeeds as the shuffling continues.

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