‘Roseanne’ Coming Back With Comedy Special on Fox Nation, Evading Left Wing Cancel Culture

Roseanne Barr is back. The comedian is set to do a one-hour comedy special on Fox Nation. The special is set to air in the first quarter of 2023.

President of Fox Nation Jason Klarman said in a statement, “Roseanne is a comedy icon whose humor connects with the American audience like no other. Her ability to channel the challenges of everyday people and find the humor in it all has earned her the passionate following of millions of dedicated fans. We are thrilled to add her comedy special exclusively to the Fox Nation catalog.”

This is her first project since being removed from her popular sitcom on ABC amid backlash from leftists.

In 2018 “Roseanne” was rebooted on ABC. She left the show after a tweet she posted offended many and she drew accusations of racism.

ABC kept the show but reformated it and gave it a new name “The Conners” killing off Roseanne.

The new special will “feature Ms. Barr’s signature comedic take on a variety of topics, with no subject off limits,” according to Fox Nation.