Trey Gowdy Slams Lisa Page After She Tries to Get Herself Off The Hook

As inspector general, Michael Horowitz’s report is getting nearer to being released, on December 9th to be specific. Many who have worked for the intelligence community are lashing out, saying that they did nothing wrong, ahead of this date. Lisa Page recently gave an interview to the Daily Beast in which she says “There’s no fathomable way I have committed any crime at all, let alone treason.” She believes she is the victim in all of this ‘having been through the MAGA meat grinder’. 

Page resigned from the FBI after text messages were discovered between her and Peter Strzok, who was a member of Robert Mueller’s team, but later removed for “impropriety”.  The pair were involved in an affair at the time and many of their texts criticize President Donald Trump and mention an “insurance policy” if Trump were elected. 

Last night Former U.S. Representative Trey Gowdy (R) was on with Martha McCallum to comment on the whole thing. Lisa Page makes the claim that the text messages between herself and Strzok were taken out of context. Gowdy questions what context calling a Presidental candidate “loathsome” and  “a national security disaster” would be seen as unbiased.


Many on  Twitter have lots to say about Page’s claim of innocence.

December 9th may bring with it condemning information for many former employees of the White House and FBI but no one knows for sure what will be in the Horowitz IG report until it is released. However many in the news will likely continue to speculate on what will be revealed until it is released. 

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