Trump Congratulates Former Limbaugh Producer ‘Bo Snerdley’ on New Book: ‘Rush Would Be Proud!’

In a statement issued through his Save America PAC, former President Donald Trump congratulated former Rush Limbaugh producer “Bo Snerdly” on his new book.

“Congratulations to James Golden, aka Bo Snerdley, on his incredible new book, Rush on the Radio. We all terribly miss the Great Rush Limbaugh, but this is a perfect tribute to his legacy,” Trump said in the statement.

Trump explained, “Few knew Rush like James Golden, and the millions of Rush’s loyal fans will get great joy out of this book.”

“Great job, James. Rush would be proud!” Trump declared. Limbaugh passed away in February after battling lung cancer.

Fox News reported yesterday that Golden wrote in the book how he and Limbaugh crossed paths in New York City prior to their lasting friendship and work together.

Golden described walking into station WWRL, where his cousin was a disc jockey, at age 14 and said, “My background and Rush’s had interesting parallels.”

It took 9 years to get what Golden called his first “real job,” as the music director for New York’s 77WABC radio’s last program in that format, and later its first program in its present-day news format.

Golden met Limbaugh and his then-business partner, former ABC Radio President Ed McLaughlin, in the late 1980s and offered what turned out to be a harbinger of things to come:

“I remarked that it sounded to me like he would be bigger than Paul Harvey,” Golden said, adding, “Little did I realize that my own life would be so intertwined with that of Rush and the show and that he would become the single most successful broadcaster in American history; at least in radio.”

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