Trump Endorsed Blake Masters Appears Favored to Win AZ U.S. Senate GOP Primary

Blake Masters, who was endorsed by former and possible future President Donald Trump, appears likely to win his GOP primary.

If his numbers hold good, he will be the nominee to run against the Democrat for U.S. Senate in Arizona in the general.

Masters would be going up against U.S. Senator Mark Kelly (D-AZ) it his win is confirmed soon. Dave Wasserman said:

“Shorter AZ GOP primary: Blake Masters’ (R) 34% looks like it could be good enough to win the #AZSEN primary, while Kari Lake’s (R) 40% doesn’t look like it will cut it in #AZGOV.”

Click screenshot to see the latest:

Here is Trump endorsing Masters:

It seems Kari Lake isn’t doing as well for her Governor’s primary race. If she does not win, it would be a loss for Trump, among many other wins however.

Stay tuned for more election updates.

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