Trump Gives Bloomberg the Romney Treatment: “Mini Mike… a Choker!”

As Democrats in the presidential primary are dropping like flies, some apparently consolidating around ‘moderate’ Joe Biden, (although he denies this), former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg is still in this race. This along with Vermont Democratic Senator Bernie Sanders, who was an Independent and considers himself to be some hybrid form of socialist.

With Romney voting against Trump in the recent impeachment Senate trial on one of the counts, it’s funny that President Trump has brought back a classic insult he used to use against now Republican Senator Mitt Romney for when he lost to Barack Obama in 2012. “He choked!”.

In this instance, Trump refers to Mayor Bloomberg as “Mini Mike” Bloomberg in a tweet, saying that he can never recover from his incompetent debate performances. “Also, as mayor, he was very bad under pressure – a choker!” See tweet below:

Today is Super Tuesday and it’s likely that, barring any more “computer glitches” like the DNC had in Iowa, we will have a better idea at the end of the day who the nominee for Democrats to run against President Trump may be. The top contenders as of now, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden, Michael Bloomberg. Elizabeth Warren has yet to drop out, but it won’t be surprising if this happens within the next few days. Buttigieg recently dropped out and some have speculated that he may have made a “deal” with the DNC with a possible Vice President spot.

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