Trump Jr Asks ‘What Could Possibly Go Wrong?’ After Trump Says Obama Admin Gave Wuhan Lab $3.7m

Donald Trump Jr. criticized reports that revealed the US helped to fund a lab in Wuhan with a grant that was given during the Obama administration where it is now believed that the Coronavirus originated. He asked, “What could possibly go wrong giving millions to Chinese Government scientists”

What could possibly go wrong giving millions to Chineese Government scientists?

The Obama-Biden Administration reportedly gave $3.7 million to the Chinese lab in Wuhan that is the subject of the investigation into the origin of the coronavirus. President Trump says he is looking at it and “we will end that grant very quickly.”

Newsmax White House Correspondent Emerald Robinson had asked President Trump yesterday “Why would the U.S. give a grant like that to China?”

Trump replied, “The Obama administration gave them a grant of $3.7 million, I’ve been hearing about that, and we’ve instructed that if any grant going to that area — we’re looking at it, literally, about an hour ago — and also early in the morning, we will end that grant very quickly. But it was granted quite a while ago. They were granted quite a substantial amount of money.”

France on Friday said there was no factual evidence so far of a link between the Covid-19 outbreak and the work of the P4 research laboratory in the Chinese city of Wuhan, which France helped set up and where the current pandemic started.

“We would like to make it clear that there is to this day no factual evidence corroborating recent reports in the US press linking the origins of Covid-19 and the work of the P4 laboratory of Wuhan, China,” an official at President Emmanuel Macron’s office said.

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