Trump Says Economy and Coronavirus Response Is “Balancing Act” As Dems and Media Decry Dr. Fauci’s Absence

Dr. Fauci was noticeably absent the last two days at the daily press conference and the media asked many questions today regarding him. On social media, there was outcry as well with many theorizing why and some were acting like he is the President, not Trump. ABC News Jon Karl asked if President Trump would take Dr. Fauci’s recommendation on the length of social distancing guidance.

“Ultimately, it’s a balancing act,” Trump replied.

NBC anchor Maria Shriver was one that took to Twitter to whine about Fauci’s absence. “I’m missing Dr. Fauci. Not there yesterday, not there today. He was the one that made me feel reassured, he was the one that made me feel safe. Where is he? I need him!”

Trevor Noah and the Daily Show shared an altered popular gif of Homer Simpson coming out of a bush with Dr. Fauci’s face in place of Homer. They pleaded for, “Dr. Fauci… come back”

A father of one of the Parkland shooting victims, Fred Guttenberg, who has dedicated his life to gun safety, yet spends his time on Twitter bashing President Trump and has endorsed Joe Biden went as far as to speculate the reason for William Barr being in attendance. He complained, “Without Dr. Fauci, this dangerous lunatic is making shit up as he goes and he is going to kill people as a result. Maybe the reason Barr is there is to say he has the absolute right to be a lunatic who will kill Americans.”

The reality is that Trump is the President and he will make the decision that he feels like will put Americans in the best position to succeed. Dr. Fauci and his opinion will be one component but he is not the President and he doesn’t call the shots. The President makes that call and hopefully the see-saw between the Coronavirus response and the economy doesn’t tilt one way or the other too far.

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