Trump Says That Biden’s Poll Numbers Are Tanking Because ‘He’s Doing a Terrible Job’ and ‘We’ve Never Had it Like This’

Newsmax’s John Bachman interviewed former President Donald Trump during his rally in Des Moines, Iowa on Saturday.

In a clip that was aired today, Bachman asked Trump what is the “single, most biggest cause” that President Joe Biden’s poll numbers are tanking.

Trump summed it up, “The fact that he’s just doing a terrible job as president, his poll numbers are low.”

“When you look at Afghanistan, that withdrawal was the most embarrassing thing in the history of our country in my opinion,” Trump explained.

Trump continued, “And then you look at the border, where hundreds of thousands of people every couple of weeks are pouring into our country, we don’t know who they are, in most cases where they come from.”

“It’s a disgrace what’s happened to our country. Inflation and the economy and everything is bad. We’ve never had it like this,” Trump concluded in the clip.

This morning, Washington Post columnist Henry Olsen tweeted out about Biden’s poll numbers with independents in a pair of tweets.

Olsen began, “Biden’s numbers with independents continue to crater. His 5-poll average among I’s from this morning’s RCP is 34.2-57.”

“Minus 23 among independents is ten points worse than just a week and a half ago when I sounded the alarm. He’s gone from +13 in 2020 to -23 in 11 months,” Olsen highlighted.

Olsen reported, “The 5 polls are: Reuters/Ipsos, Econ/YG, Trafalgar, Quinnipiac, and Politico/Morning Consult. The last 4 include approve and disapprove numbers.”

“R/I only has approve (43%) for Is. I interpolated a 48% disapprove since the combined A+DA total for the other 4 averaged 91%,” Olsen added.

One Twitter user, Paolo Lim, questioned, “Who was the last POTUS to sustain a long net positive streak with indies? The last three or four or five seem to have had trouble in that department.”

“I’m going to look into that this week,” Olsen responded.

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