Juanita Broaddrick Details Being ‘Rescued’ By A ‘Wonderful Patriot’ After She Was Stranded By Southwest Airlines Flight Cancelation Crisis

Juanita Broaddrick was one of thousands of airline passengers who was stranded by the Southwest Airlines flight cancelation crisis.

After Broaddrick tweeted out about her plight last night, she announced this morning that she had been “rescued” by a “wonderful patriot.”

The situation began last night, when a little after 6 p.m. CST, Broaddrick quote tweeted Jack Posobiac who had shared a CNBC article and said, “BREAKING: Southwest has now cancelled 1,800 flights.”

Broaddrick announced, “My next flight was cancelled. I am stuck in Dallas until tomorrow.”

“It’s a small price for me to pay for a step toward Freedom. It’s gonna take all of us to act against this f*cking tyranny. #DoNotComply,” Broaddrick insisted.

Just before midnight CST, Broaddrick tweeted, “It’s so backed up here at Dallas Airport there aren’t any hotel rooms. Haven’t slept at airport since I was in my 40’s. And I don’t have my luggage. What an adventure.”

Many replied to both tweets to Broaddrick with offers, including Twitter user “Fynn-derella” who replied to that one and told her, “I’ll come pick you up.”

This morning Broaddrick tweeted out, “Okay…. I’m really not as airport tough as I thought. I was rescued by this wonderful Patriot @Fynnderella1 about 1 am. I stayed at her beautiful home.”

“Thanks for all the offers to help. You all are awesome,” Broaddrick declared.

“Fynn-derella” responded, “Safe travels, my friend;) pup is sending snorts your way.”

It was reported earlier that the widespread cancelations have continued today, although it has improved since yesterday, when three in ten flights were axed.

On today’s Christopher Columbus holiday, one in ten flights are still being canceled.

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