Trump Signals Backtrack on Gun Control: U.S. Already Has Very Strong Background Checks

After many calls on both sides of the political aisle for stronger background checks and even some for ‘Red Flag’ laws, (loosely defined laws for confiscation of guns by the state from people deemed by a judge to be a threat) President Trump is at least hinting that he is pulling back on some of the initial rhetoric. While ‘Red Flag’ laws were not mentioned specifically, Shep Smith on Fox News reports that it does indeed look like he is backtracking after time passing and calls with the NRA.

This comes in addition to much backlash from conservative voters across the country following people like Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R)’s comments. He was one of the first Republicans to signal possible support for ‘Red Flag’ laws on Twitter. After much criticism, Crenshaw tried to ‘scold’ the general public for not understanding the difference between Republican gun control laws and Democrat gun control laws.

In the clip from Fox News, Shep Smith and White House reporter John Roberts discuss the apparent backtracking, and you can see President Trump speaking about how there are “already very strong background checks”, but “I’ll have to see what it is”. This is a reference to whether or not Congress and Mitch McConnell put forth bills when they come back into session, and what the potential bills entail.


U.S. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer spouted off his discouragement and called out President Trump for what he believes to be inaction on gun control reforms the left is always clamoring for in the wake of any tragic shooting. Most of the time these politicians and activists can’t actually show which specific laws would have prevented individual events but seem to hint that more government control of gun ownership is a way to justify the tragedy.


It remains to be seen if ‘Red Flag’ laws will indeed fall to the wayside or if they will continue to be pushed by President Trump and others from both parties in addition to increased background checks and other measures.