Trump Supporter and Radio Legend Rush Limbaugh Tragically Passes Away at 70 Year of Age

Rush Limbaugh has been a talk show legend. He was a conservative icon for many decades. Often Rush stood by Donald Trump when no one else would. It is being reported that after a valiant battle with lung cancer, Rush Limbaugh has tragically passed away today.

Former President Trump will likely issue a statement shortly from his “Office of the Former President” as he was good friends with Rush, praising him at one of his State of the Union addresses and awarding him with the Medal of Freedom while tears ran down his face in a historic moment.

Rush will live on in the hearts and minds of conservatives for years to come with his passionate opinions and the large influence he had on many people of all ages in American politics. Although he was largely a radio influencer, less known by many of the younger conservatives, Rush was made more popular thanks to his support for Trump.

Regardless of how you felt about him or if you agreed with his politics, clearly, a void will be left in his absence as the nation adjusts to life without Rush. Prayers are sent from us for him and his family during this tough time.