Trump Supporters Signal Falling Support for Some Police After Disastrous Evening in Washington D.C.: ‘You Lost Both Sides of Support’

Video from tonight’s continued “MAGA” rallies in Washington D.C. tonight appear to show conservative supporters of the president vent their frustration at Washington D.C. police, after, allegedly, police blocked their entrance into a portion of D.C. known as “BLM Plaza,” but did proceed to arrest members of the right-wing conservative group.

Several men can be heard yelling at police, “Now you lost both sides of support! We had your [expletive] back, but we [don’t have] your back [anymore].! We’re the veterans! We’re the business owners! Because you don’t have our back [anymore]!”

This was after a shoving match with a Black Lives Matter supporter where it appeared the woman hit a Trump supporter first, yet police didn’t arrest her.

This video shows a wider trend of conservatives’ distrust in some local police departments (mostly Democrat run areas) who stood by and did very little during a summer of unprecedented looting, burnings, and destruction of several major cities, and, largely, let the protests occur unimpeded.

Meanwhile, having an outsized police presence at MAGA rallies, which, to date, have been relatively peaceful and have not resulted in violence has not really been needed in our view. 

Similar scenes presented themselves on Saturday in Salem, Oregon as conservative protesters stepped on a “Back the Blue” flag after claiming that the Salem PD was not upholding their oath to law and order. This was after dispersing a peaceful right-wing crowd, but, notoriously, allowing ANTIFA to demonstrate without consequence week after week over the summer.

While this may come as a surprising trend to some, there is an increasing sentiment of distrust on the right in our institutions. This is especially because some of our police departments seem to be noticeably absent when BLM or ANTIFA decides to burn down parts of a city, but can somehow find the resources to have an outsized police presence at peaceful Trump rallies. Sometimes you have heard reports of police arresting members of these rallies for minor infractions and misdemeanors.

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