Trump Supporters Wonder Why Candace Owens Tweets But Doesn’t Have a TRUTH Social Account

As TRUTH Social picks up steam and former President Trump begins to make more posts on the platform, things are getting more interesting.

Recently we reported that Trump implored people to get off of Twitter and use TRUTH instead.

Even for folks holding out hope that Elon Musk may loosen rules over at Twitter, that may be a while. Some may wonder if Owens isn’t happy with Donald Trump anymore, for one reason or another.

See screenshots from TRUTH:

It does appear that the Daily Wire affiliated Owens has 1.8m followers on Parler, however. Of course we can only speculate why.

Ultimately, TRUTH will have to continue gaining steam for people to feel as though they just have to be there. It is still surprising to us that Owens hasn’t jumped on board yet…