Tucker Carlson Disagrees with Twitter Locking Out Charlie Kirk and Babylon Bee for ‘Hate Speech’ Tweets About Rachel Levine

The Post Millenial has a video here where Seth Dillon of the Babylon Bee speaks to Tucker Carlson directly. Below, in an embedded YouTube video he speaks on Fox News as well, explaining why he won’t delete a tweet that got him locked out of his Babylon Bee account for “hate speech”.

Turning Point USA’s Charlie Kirk, who was lambasted a couple of years ago for not being conservative enough and has been appearing “tougher” lately, got himself locked out as well. Tucker Carlson, who doesn’t tweet much, took the time to dispute Twiter locking Kirk and Dillon’s Bee out of their accounts and telling them to delete tweets:

Many feel that censorship has gone too far. All mainstream social media platforms have been known to have a heavy hand of censorship. YouTube and Twitter seem to be so heavy-handed lately however, many are abandoning using them at all switching to alternatives like Gab, Telegram, Rumble, Truth Social, and other sites.

Time will tell if Twitter will back down, or if it’s not about right or wrong, but rather raw power to them, which many are beginning to see it as.

United States Assistant Secretary for Health Rachel Levin is a transgender woman who was born as a man. That is a fact, but many aren’t sure how you are allowed to talk about it without being censored.

Many feel they are supposed to believe things they don’t actually feel are true, whereas others just think it’s general political correctness. Time will tell how alternative social sites are able to compete with Twitter and others as time goes on.

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