Tucker Carlson Guest Describes ‘Gun Battles’ Near the Southern Border Between Rival Cartels

For the second night in a row, Tucker Carlson had guest Jaeson Jones, a former captain of the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Intelligence and Counter-terrorism Division, on his Fox News show.

According to Jones’ bio, he commanded the Texas Rangers Border Security Operations Center and was stationed on the southwest border during his career in El Paso, Brownsville, and Laredo, Texas.

Carlson asked Jones what was “the latest he was seeing and hearing down there… what does it look like?”

Jones said that he was in Roma, Texas this morning and he was “sitting on the bluffs at 7:40 this morning, when a large gun battle broke out.”

“Now across from Roma, Texas is a small community called Miguel Alemán [in Mexico]. That community has been in battle between two cartels for the last two years,” Jones continued.

Carlson then shared video, which showed Jones sitting on a bluff just after what appears to be sunrise, as he said, and there are sounds of gunfire in the distance.

“Not a rock, Texas,” Carlson deadpanned.

Jones explained that “It’s important that the American people know that what is happening down here is much broader in scope than just people crossing the border.”

“These gun battles are happening… they’re hearing these gun battles between 2 and 4 times each week,” Jones added.