Tucker Carlson Overtakes Hannity as Number 1 for April with His Hard-Hitting ‘America First’ Reporting

While Fox News has cut ties with some of their most ardent supporters of President Trump lately, such as Trish Regan, Diamond and Silk, and the suspension of Judge Jeanine (among others), Tucker Carlson continues to thrive.

Despite the sometimes controversial nature (to some) of his show, his ratings are shattering the ceiling and blowing the competition out of the water. Carlson has covered the COVID-19 stories like no one else, hitting China, and other, more left-leaning outlets for their weak stances on the origins of the virus. He has also slammed YouTube for censoring doctors who dared question the official World Health Organization narrative.

The Columbia Bugle on Twitter retweeted a tweet of a New York Times article, captioning it:

“Well deserved, Tucker is covering the issues the American people actually care about.”

According to the NYT, for the first time since he took the 9 PM slot, Sean Hannity slipped to 2nd in lieu of Tucker Carlson for the month of April. “Tucker Carlson Tonight” ranked 4.56 million viewers against Hannity’s 4.539. Both are high ratings it is worth noting. This is based on a recent Nielsen report.

The New York Times speculates that daily Trump briefings helped both Hannity and Carlson. This doesn’t actually explain why Tucker’s would be higher than Hannity’s of course. They did, however, opine that Tucker has covered the COVID-19 pandemic in a slightly different “tone” than Sean Hannity. Both Tucker and Hannity are supporters of President Trump. It could be argued though, that while Hannity acts more like a cheerleader in many instances,

Mr. Carlson supports Trump while offering varying opinions to many of his actions simultaneously. This is a hard feat to pull off without upsetting President Trump, but Tucker has managed to walk the line with expert precision. He remains one of the only 46 people followed currently by the @realDonaldTrump handle on Twitter as of our last check.

Earlier this month, Tucker also highlighted what, in his opinion, was a lack of coverage of the controversial hydroxychloroquine. In one recent show, he had Dr. Mark Seigel on to tell a story of how his own father’s life may have been saved by the drug. Fox News reported:

Dr. Marc Siegel, a Fox News medical contributor, told “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Tuesday that his 96-year-old father was recently weak and struggling to breathe but recovered after he was administered an anti-malaria drug and antibiotics.

Siegel was discussing hopeful signs that hydroxychloroquine has shown in recent studies when combined with antibiotics for coronavirus treatment.

Siegel said his father, who lives in Florida, recently complained about weakness, shortness of breath and feared that he was going to die.

Siegel said that his father’s cardiologist prescribed hydroxychloroquine and antibiotics and the combination proved effective.

“He got up the next day and was fine,” Siegel said.

Another example of why Tucker may be gathering so many viewers is his willingness to have just about anyone on his show, whether he agrees with them or not. He is a champion for free speech in essence. Carlson also had Democrat lawmaker Karen Whitsett on the show to promote what she believed was the key in saving her life from COVID-19, hydroxychloroquine. The state rep was censured by her party for “breaking protocol” after thanking President Trump and promoting the drug as reported by some outlets.

Time will tell if Tucker holds the lead, or if Hannity, a friend and ally of Carlson’s, will take back the number one spot.

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